Looking for a CPA to help with 990 tax filing

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My non-profit is in search of a new accountant to help us with our 990 tax filings.
We use Wave, and would ideally love an accountant who already uses Wave rather than taking my info and converting it into Quickbooks. We are based in San Francisco, so ideally someone familiar with California filing would be ideal.


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    Be happy to help you out. Although I'm clear across the US, I currently service corporate and partnerships that file returns in CA. It appears that CA follows much of how the federal operates. I also have filed 990's in the past. Although I do not have any active non profits as clients at the moment. I've been a CPA for over 30 years and have a broad range of experience.
    Thanks for your consideration
    Mike G, CPA

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    Hello Avary,
    I'm an accountant of 30+ years experience, in private practice since 2011. I also have a master's in NFP management and have been working with NFP clients through my practice since 2015. I've also worked, through the Upwork virtual marketplace, in assisting NFP clients in assembling their 990 filings.
    Hopefully, you haven't hired someone to compile your filing... I informed all my Upwork client that doing so was a waste of resources. Instead, I agreed to review the returns once completed by in-house staff. The 990 can't be prepared by an independent contractor without substantial input from knowledgeable staffers. If it's not too late, I'm happy to discuss this further. I may be contacted at [email protected]

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    By now, I'm certain you would have found someone, and hopefully someone who served you well. Should that not be the case, however, I am a California small business, and have prepared 990s before. I have a client in South San Francisco whom I visit every 6-8 weeks, so I would be happy to meet personally if that is something you would wish to do. I am also certified by the IRS as an Enrolled Agent so can easily file the return as well.

    Susan Bernotas
    Bernotas Consulting, Inc.

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