Migrate to Wave from Sage One

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We have been using Sage one for a number of years, and are looking to migrate to Wave. However, I need to be able to import the data from Sage One, including the attached images of the supplier invoices etc.

Is there a defined process available, possible a migration tool or process, or how does it work.

We need to be able to import that data, and we are really interested in moving to Wave.



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    So far as I am aware there isn't any migration function in Wave that will import any of your data for you, so all your accounting history on Sage One you would need to store on your desktop/storage device. If you were using Sage One Desktop rather than Cloud I would have expected that Sage stores all your images in a dedicated folder, probably under the Sage folder in Windows on the C drive (Sage usually do tend to store data that way).

    The data you need to import into Wave will be your closing trial balance, after exclusion of any outstanding invoices (customers/suppliers). The outstanding supplier/customer invoices can then be entered directly to Wave.

    You will need to set up your Suppliers and Customers afresh, and likewise your nominal headings if not generic, etc..

    I do believe there is a Wave guide on this site as to how to migrate from other accounting software.


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