Statement uploads are broken

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Since Wave can no longer connect to HSBC Canada we've been forced to go old-school & manually import transactions -- fun times.

However, manually importing statements is no longer working. We've just tried to import multiple statements but only just realized that nothing actually happened. What I mean is that the statements all upload just fine (no errors), but no transactions from any of the uploaded files actually appear in the transactions list.

We've tried re-uploading all files but no new transactions are shown in Wave. Again, there are no errors during the import -- we confirm the amounts, descriptions, dates, etc., and the finalize the process without issue.

30 minutes later all we see is the following (note: there are less than 50 line entries TOTAL) :

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    Hey @powermod, my I apologies about that. Did the statement successfully upload ultimately? The speed and convenience of our CSV upload could use some work, I agree. Thankfully we may have a suitable alternative that makes importing transactions into Wave a little more manageable (as well as editing CSV statements which can be incredibly difficult when viewed as just text).

    We very recently created an integration with Google Sheets called Wave Connect, which allows you to import and export data between the two. This will help facilitate moving data to new business profiles; importing product lists and invoices into Wave when migrating over from other software; run a number of comparative reports not directly available in Wave; and, most importantly in this case, streamline the bank statement upload process in situations where we are unable to offer a successful or stable bank connection.

    You can find more out about it here:

    All that would be required is connecting Wave Connect with Google Sheets. It does add the step of importing a CSV (or other file type bank statement) into Google Sheets first, but from a user experience standpoint it should end up being better, more intuitive, and overall a little faster. I hope this helps in this situation, and we definitely welcome any feedback you have!

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