Invoices for only Sales Rep to see

whitty99whitty99 Member Posts: 4

Hi, is there a way for my sales reps to only see the outstanding invoices section and not the entire transaction and reports section. I know the phone app just has the invoices but is there to only give a log in for the invoices mobile app and not the rest of the information. In summary, I want an easy way for my reps to see the outstanding invoices only but yet not have them see all the reports and bank transactions summaries etc. Please let me know thanks!


  • zuzazuza Administrator Posts: 31 admin

    Hello @whitty99, thank you for reaching out. This is actually a popular request we have heard over the last few years. We are currently in the process of adding new roles and permissions to Wave, and this is one that would have great value to users, for sure.

    Could you tell me a little about your business and how this kind of permission level would work in your day to day with your sales reps?

    In the meantime and only with your permission, do mind if I pass on your email to the Product Manager responsible for building something like this in Wave? It would be useful for them to reach out to you with questions and early designs to get your feedback and input. I don't know exactly when this will be, but it will definitely be useful to speak with a business owner directly requiring this kind of feature, when the time comes.

  • whitty99whitty99 Member Posts: 4

    Zuza hi how ru? Please you have my permission. It is essential that the Sales Rep only have access to the invoices for sending and viewing and to see what has been paid. I believe this is a crucial component.

    We do not want them to view transactions or reports etc. just the invoices.

    Thanks so much I hope they can develop this quickly!


  • Ryan_WRyan_W Administrator Posts: 461 admin

    Hey @whitty99 this is a feature request that we've seen before, and we're making a lot of refinements to the user management permissions in Wave. That said, I'm afraid developing a granular sales role isn't in the works at this time.

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