Were have all my purchase receipts pdf's gone?

LokiLoki Member Posts: 1

I have years of pdf receipts linked to every purchase transaction. However since the update when I go into an existing transaction there is no longer anywhere to view the receipt. Or I can not find out how to do this. Can anyone help me? (ps all the receipts are still in Purchases/Receipts, just not linked to the transaction). Thank you.


  • ErikErik Administrator Posts: 194 admin

    Hey @Loki, were you previously merging your receipt transactions with an imported bank transaction (before the update)? We found that we are currently unable to access receipt images for any previously merged transactions directly on the Accounting>Transactions page. If this is the case for you, we apologize for any inconvenience.

    However, this should be resolved for any new receipt uploads moving forward.

  • SteveTrowellSteveTrowell Member Posts: 3

    This is ridiculous..! I'm not sure if the UK version of WAVE has been rolled out later than US/Canada but I signed in to my account today for the first time since the UK update & half of my uploaded receipts are missing..!!!
    I always link uploaded receipts with bank transactions so that my accountants can see both elements but now loads of my linked receipts have gone..! In addition to that - each merged transaction now doesn't display both elements. This is SO frustrating. Will I now have to go through all my previous merged transactions, work out which receipts are missing & upload them all again..?!?
    I was already dreading the fact that you had to stop the automatic bank connections but I never anticipated that the update would screw me so completely..!!!

  • SteveTrowellSteveTrowell Member Posts: 3

    I can't believe that lame apology to you @Loki from @Erik
    What an appalling oversight to release a new version of the software that effectively deletes your previous hard work linking receipts with transactions. I feel your pain & am extremely annoyed & disappointed..!!!

  • dangosarecutedangosarecute Member Posts: 14

    This sure makes me hopeful for uploading my receipts to Wave...


    @Erik what are you guys doing about the issue NOW and what procedures will be implemented to prevent this kind of catastrophe in the future???

  • ChelseaKChelseaK Administrator Posts: 262 admin

    @SteveTrowell @dangosarecute I totally understand the frustration here and I understand that not being able to access receipt images for any previously merged transactions is inconvenient. It is going to require some extra time on your part. While it's not an ideal situation, this issue is fixable. Yes, going back and uploading any receipt images that did not carry over when your account was migrated would be the way here.

    As your accounts have now been migrated to the new version of Wave, this won't be an issue going forward. Receipt transactions that have been merged with bank imported transactions will still show up on your Transactions page.

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  • dangosarecutedangosarecute Member Posts: 14

    @ChelseaK Are procedures being put in place in order for this bug not to happen in future version transitions?

  • AlexLAlexL Administrator Posts: 1,572 admin

    Hi @dangosarecute . As Chelsea said, the issue exists with users who were migrated from our previous accounting platform to the new one. We've only ever had two platforms, and we still have a handful of users who are being migrated to the newer version. We won't be moving to any newer versions anytime soon as the plan for our most recent platform was to be more permanent. It looks like you're on the new platform yourself so you won't be experiencing this issue.

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  • ACERescueACERescue Member Posts: 10

    @alexl @ChelseaK So, would I be well served to go back and download my last 4 years of linked receipts before my account is updated, or did you fix it so that those accounts that are yet to be updated won't have the data deleted? FYI, it's not inconvenient... it's a blatant breach of trust. I hear you that "We won't be moving to any newer versions anytime soon as the plan for this most recent one was to be more permanent" but you didn't tell anyone that this was a possibility, which makes me think that for the future it could easily happen again. We didn't know there was a new version coming, we didn't know that we might lose uploads, and YOU didn't make a backup before moving people. Really having a hard time with some of the decisions being made by Wave lately.

  • dangosarecutedangosarecute Member Posts: 14
    @AlexL my question wasn't answered.
    Yes I do understand all of that, but I was asking about FUTURE versions.
    I don't feel secure using Wave long term if in 3 years a new version is put in place and my receipt documents disappear, or pherphaps another bug happens that compromises the integrity of my data.
    Therefore, I'm asking if your DevOps are aware of this failure and making sure that proper QA is put in place so that catastrophic bugs like these don't affect users in the future.
  • AlexLAlexL Administrator Posts: 1,572 admin

    @dangosarecute @ACERescue . Sorry about the late response here, I was following up on this with our product team.

    I do want to clarify that these receipts themselves have not disappeared and they have not been deleted from the system. They still exist in your Receipts page and the receipts can be exported under Settings > Data Export. Now in regards to the links to the receipt which existed in the transactions, this is what has disappeared. They are no longer accessible through the transactions so you do have to go into your Receipts page to locate the appropriate receipt counterparts. I do want to apologize that the link information was not migrated over and that there was no discussion of this previous to the migration. The team is very aware of this issue and they are looking at what can be done in the future to have the link data moved over when the migration happens.

  • robinHrobinH Member Posts: 2

    Really not good enough Wave!
    Linking Reciepts to Bank Account Transactions was one of the most important functions of the Software Package of which most users invested a lot of their effort in resolving.
    With the update ...
    1. All links previously made to receipt images have now gone
    2. The tools which helped users find the items to link efficiently ( Sort list by XY Z) now gone
    3. Automatic download of Banking transactions now deleted ( UK at least )

    I'm afraid you have pretty much lost me and I'm sure many other UK users.

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