Sending Invoices to multiple emails



  • StaceySimonStaceySimon Member Posts: 5

    I agree! Thanks for suggesting

  • post78post78 Member Posts: 15
    I'm a little confused by the delay here. This is something that should be an obvious addition and is being requested by numerous users over the past year including myself and the only response seems to be "we appreciate your input".
    Is it being added or not? I might need to move on to a new solution.
  • GravisTechGravisTech Member Posts: 1

    How about just allowing multiple emails with a comma?

    [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

  • bkmmtsbkmmts Member Posts: 2
    • for me - I need this very badly
  • DaveBDaveB Member Posts: 16

    +1 for the capability to:
    1. Attach multiple contacts (Names and email address) to each customer.
    2. Designate each contact to be TO/CC/BCC on the email distribution by default for sending invoices.
    3. Override/adjust the default distribution at invoice send-time, to allow for one-off departures from routine.
    4. Send the invoice as a single distribution so that all recipients see who all the other recipients that have also received the invoice for better transparency (i.e. 1 email message sent to multiple TO/CC recipients and not 1 discrete email message to each recipient).

  • rmeralirmerali Member Posts: 5

    Agreed, would love to see this feature as well

  • Piano_Teacher_01852Piano_Teacher_01852 Member Posts: 8

    Multiple recipients for recurring invoices seems to be something that lots of people want. There's another thread on this somewhere that's been going since July. It seems like it would be an easy fix, but maybe I'm missing something?

  • ErikErik Administrator Posts: 194 admin

    @Piano_Teacher_01852 please be assured that our Product Development Team is aware of the interest in such a feature. However, several discussions amongst the team have surfaced a few nuances that come along with it that have to be considered with our current implementation of Customer Profiles.

    In short, we just want the experience to be as smooth as possible -- while I can't make any promises as to when this might be available, I can tell you that this is a topic of interest amongst our users, as well as our own teams.

  • Piano_Teacher_01852Piano_Teacher_01852 Member Posts: 8

    Thanks, Erik.
    This -

    ...discussions amongst the team have surfaced a few nuances that come along with it that have to be considered with our current implementation of Customer Profiles....

    is really great to hear, not because it means it will be fixed any time soon, but because it gives me a broader perspective, which I truly appreciate.

  • HadsHads Member Posts: 1

    Hi. Just joined Wave and am slowly migrating off Quickbooks online. So far I love Wave Accounting and have tried to run in parallel. So far so good.

    One feature I would really like to see is the capability of using more than one email on the invoice, particularly a CC type capability. I had this capability in QB, but when I went to try to add multiple to the customer details so it would send to multiple people, it wouldn't take it. I know I can add it after the fact when I'm ready to send invoices, however, I would then have to remember who the CC email address are instead of having them automatically populated.

    It would be a great feature to have added to the Customer details so it would automatically populate.

    Thanks ...

  • HeadroomHeadroom Member Posts: 7

    Same. I need to send a recurring monthly invoice to 2 email recipients.

  • RahimRahim Member Posts: 97 ✭✭

    Thanks for the feedback @Hads There are other threads on this topic as well so I want to ensure you know that we've read it! Can you provide some more information on how you use multiple emails.

    If you had multiple emails for a customer, are they for the same person, or different people you need to send the invoice to? And, would you expect that the invoice, reminders, and payment receipts all go to both of those emails?

    @Headroom When setting up a recurring invoice, you have the ability to add multiple emails. It will send the recurring invoice to those emails each month or the receipt if you have automatic payments set up.



  • HadsHads Member Posts: 1

    Thanks @Rahim . So, typically the invoice will go to the finance person at that company, but many times the owner and another person want to get a copy of the invoice to ensure it's paid. While I can easily enter additional email addresses when I send the invoice, I would have to remember all those email addresses. If there was a CC field in the company profile with the ability to add multiple email addresses ... or allow multiple email addresses in the email field, separated by commas, this would automatically populate the email notice when I send the invoice. I know Quickbooks online does exactly that.

  • JK007JK007 Member Posts: 8

    +1 need this feature too. I moved over my billing to Wave from paypal but this makes me want to move it back to paypal. I'd prefer to have Wave receive that revenue from payments so PLEASE get this feature going.

  • AffordableFixAffordableFix Member Posts: 10

    I concur with Hads. It would be very nice (consider necessary) to have the ability to store multiple email address for each customer's account. Even better if we could set defaults of those addresses to automatically populate the "send to" or "cc" fields for each new invoice(per customer). So far, for me, doing this manually has become a real issue.

  • MarkerMarker Member Posts: 1

    Having to add additional email addresses manually to each invoice sent really isn't good practice (or design).
    Let's say I add a second email address to the invoice...will both recipients receive subsequent reminders?

  • Ryan_WRyan_W Administrator Posts: 462 admin

    @Marker for what it's worth, the reminder will only be sent to the primary email which is associated with that customer (you can check this yourself when you click "send reminder"; it'll only list the primary email address, if that helps).

  • kevinfreelskevinfreels Member Posts: 8

    I found this when looking for a way to do this. This is sometimes absolutely necessary, especially when a company has a 3rd party accounting company pay their bills. They always want a copy for themselves and a copy to go to their accountant. In our case with internet services, sometimes the IT directly or COO wants to be copied as well. There REALLY needs to be a couple CC boxes or at least the ability to add multiple emails separated by a , or ; .

  • kevinfreelskevinfreels Member Posts: 8

    @Rahim I saw you mentioned the following:
    _When setting up a recurring invoice, you have the ability to add multiple emails. It will send the recurring invoice to those emails each month or the receipt if you have automatic payments set up.
    Unfortunately it happens at the end of the invoice sending process.

  • CarpetGuru_254CarpetGuru_254 Member Posts: 0

    Hi, during creating of a new customer, is it possible to have an option that allows us to key in multiple email addresses for those customers that have more than one contact person? This option would,in my opinion, save so much time in copying and pasting the different emails when sending Receipts and Invoices.
    Tx, Eliud.

  • JelaniJelani Member Posts: 1

    +1 for the multiple recipient email addresses feature. I need this.

  • Jglubke_73Jglubke_73 Member Posts: 3

    I am a contractor selling to new home builders, the new home is the shipping address and this changes for my customer the builder on every project.
  • mlledwyermlledwyer Member Posts: 2

    I am adding another +1 for this functionality. If we could just have a secondary email address added to the recurring invoices that would be awesome. Like all the others, I have a client that has requested invoices be sent to 2 email addresses.

  • WPBNSWPBNS Member Posts: 5

    I need this as well. Some of my clients have multiple people who need to receive their invoices and having to manually enter them is difficult and prohibits me from automatically sending out invoices (when this situation occurs). Can WaveApps add this ability .. soon? Thanks, Gary Gordon

  • AlexLAlexL Administrator Posts: 1,946 admin

    @Jglubke_73 . Thanks for this valuable info. I can definitely see how this would make your workflow easier in Wave.

  • JamieDJamieD Administrator Posts: 1,145 admin

    @mlledwyer @WPBNS Although not ideal (as it seems most users in this thread would prefer to have the Customers section have multiple email address) - you can simply add multiple email recipients to the recurring invoice that's sent out to your client (and the emails should stick as well)

    However, for individual invoices not on the recurring schedule -- those will need to be entered manually. (EDIT)

    edited March 14, 2019
  • mlledwyermlledwyer Member Posts: 2

    @JamieD Thank you Jamie, I am curious about your use of the word "should" here :D Seriously though, this is a huge help, thank you. I just updated my recurring invoice and added the second email address, here's hoping it does stick ;)

    Your reply is much appreciated, have a fantastic day.

  • WPBNSWPBNS Member Posts: 5

    JamieD, when you say "those will need to be edited manually" can you explain? I'm confused as to what "edited manually" exactly means. Can you just explain? Thanks.

  • kitfmkitfm Member Posts: 1

    +1 this is essential for me. I'm a video editor / motion graphics designer and 99% of the time I'm sending to both the creative lead and the billing department.

  • Ryan_WRyan_W Administrator Posts: 462 admin

    @WPBNS I think what Jamie's saying is that you'd need to (manually) add the extra email addresses each time you send a good ol' fashioned, one-off invoice.

    Meanwhile, if you have a recurring invoice where you add the second email address from the very beginning (such as in Jamie's example above), the recurring invoice will remember both email addresses in the future so you only need to add it once, and then it's more automatic.

    @kitfm, thanks for taking the time to add your +1 to this discussion!

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