Receipts no longer attached to (older) merged transactions?

msheldonmsheldon Member Posts: 2

I'm wondering if anyone else has noticed that some old merged transactions no longer have receipts attached to them?

Prior to the UI update, all my old transactions were a merged pair of transactions and I could find the receipt associated with each bank transaction. Very handy.

Now, when I look back to transactions older than about 3 months old, they never show as merged transactions, so I can't see the separate receipt-generated transaction and the imported bank transaction. Most of them still show a receipt attached to the transaction. However, some of them no longer show the receipt!

When I look in my receipts and scroll back to the date range of the transaction, sure enough the verified receipt is still there. It's just the link from my transaction to the receipt that has gone missing.

Why are older merged transactions no longer showing as merged? Why have some of my transactions forgotten what receipts they were associated with? Is anyone else seeing this?


  • msheldonmsheldon Member Posts: 2

    I spoke with customer service and this is a known bug.

  • bonnydbonnyd Member Posts: 5

    this is a pain. my accountant uses several packages. if this is not fixed i will have to move to quick books.

  • elisemartinsonelisemartinson Member Posts: 9

    I'm having this problem as well. It's like any transaction that was merged before the updates is no longer merged. The receipts are still there but the bank transaction component is gone.

  • Ryan_WRyan_W Administrator Posts: 452 admin

    Hey @elisemartinson @bonnyd and @msheldon! We rolled out a fix for this recently, so you should see the old receipt images linked up with your transactions. Please note that receipt links that were a part of a merged transaction before the migration to the new version could not be included in this bug fix. Basically, when it came to putting the data back together, the merging itself is what overwrites the initial transaction. Hope that helps!

  • bonnydbonnyd Member Posts: 5

    thank you. can see them now

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