Deposits Showing Up Twice

kawaiiklothkawaiikloth Member Posts: 3

Hello, everyone. I'm new here and having a hard time understanding how to use this site. I linked my bank account, which worked out fine. However, once I integrated my Etsy account, all of my Etsy payments are showing up twice in my Transactions. They are coming in as individual sales through Etsy, but I've already had the money deposited into my bank account in lump sums so it's essentially showing that I've gotten paid twice. Does anyone know how I can fix this? It's very confusing. Thank you in advance.


  • PierrotttPierrottt Member Posts: 2

    I'm having the same kind of issues :-(
    But it doesn't seem like anyone here's gonna help...

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  • kawaiiklothkawaiikloth Member Posts: 3

    It really doesn't seem like it. :neutral: I even tried the Help articles and they weren't of any use to me, either.

  • kawaiiklothkawaiikloth Member Posts: 3

    The only way I've been able to fix it is to delete the transactions that are showing up twice.

  • Ryan_WRyan_W Administrator Posts: 462 admin

    Hey @kawaiikloth and @Pierrottt, the final conclusion is what I'd recommend here. You can delete either 1) the bulk transaction amount, which your bank connection is bringing in, or 2) delete the separate Etsy imports. Since you'd already need to split the bulk imports to reflect each individual Etsy sale, I recommend option 1).

  • MooksGooMooksGoo Member Posts: 2

    Yep, having the same problem. A few years ago I sold on Etsy and realised the mistake then so deleted the integration with Etsy in my Wave account, but for some reason it has re-appeared since the new update in Wave. My Paypal transfers are also showing up again, so showing up as a double income (if only!). Oh the joys of trying to do things by yourself. I'm just going to delete the Etsy integration and Paypal transfers manually to keep my 'income' true to my bank statement.

  • TLDCleanerTLDCleaner Member Posts: 1

    @MooksGoo & @kawaiikloth
    Found this on Youtube.. seems to be an ongoing issue with WAVE, it is the only negative that I have come across so far.
    I don't have my bank account connected for this very reason as it was messing with my figures so much.

  • ClaireWryghtAccountsClaireWryghtAccounts Member Posts: 16

    So the 'Merge' function above won't work @TLDCleaner because the deposit amount and the sale amount are not the same - because the fees are now deducted before the deposit. This IS the functionality you use when you process a receipt separately to when it has gone through your bank account.

    Apologies @kawaiikloth @Pierrottt I only came across this thread on a search. If you haven't resolved by now I have something that might help below.

    You can delete, but as with anything accounting, this often isn't the best policy. You need to set up a Money in Transit account for Etsy and then allocate the Etsy sale and the Etsy fees into there. Each time a deposit is made into your bank account, you then simply allocate as a Transfer from Bank - using the Etsy Transit account.

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