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Midwest_CityMidwest_City Member Posts: 3

When I create a new vendor before paying a bill (invoice) the form gives me fields to add information such as address, phone number and email. I thought this information appeared in vendor reporting but am not seeing it.

  • How can I view this information after I have created the vendor?
  • Can I edit this information?


  • Midwest_CityMidwest_City Member Posts: 3

    I figured it out. I should have accessed the down arrow menu next to the supplier.

  • crawley7crawley7 Member Posts: 8

    hi midwest
    if i use the down arrow next to the supplier it just goes to more suppliers? it doesnt get me to where i can edit existing vendors? not sure how to do it

  • AlexLAlexL Administrator Posts: 2,869 admin

    Hey @crawley7 , if you head to Purchases > Vendors and select Edit from the drop-down menu next to the vendor, you should be able to edit all of that vendor's info.

  • crawley7crawley7 Member Posts: 8

    hi alex
    no luck ,my drop down list shows more vendors,i cant see an edit button

  • KiahDKiahD Administrator Posts: 267 admin

    Hey @crawley7 !

    You should be seeing this option on the Vendors page, as seen in the screenshot below:

    If you're not seeing this, could you please send me a screenshot of what you do see on this page, when following the instructions above?

  • crawley7crawley7 Member Posts: 8

    thanks yes all good

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