How to keep expense invoices and receipts

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I can't see a way in Wave where I can keep invoices from companies I have paid?

I have my bank imported and the reference pops up, but don't I also need an invoice or receipt to back this up with? Or are bank reference sufficient evidence? I always pay with card and never cash.

Also when a company invoices me, where do I keep that also?



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    Hey @customlogoshop -

    My name is Ailsa and I'm a Product Designer here at Wave.

    You can upload receipts/invoices you receive from other companies to the Purchases > Receipts section in the left-hand navigation. We automatically add those to the Transactions page, where you can merge with the imported transaction.

    This Help Center article may be of use to you:

    If you would rather not create new transactions to merge, you could upload your receipts/invoices to an image hosting website (Google Drive, Dropbox, etc) and you can copy/paste the URL into the appropriate transaction's "Notes" field.

    As a note, the evidence you need may be very specific to your country and/or state, so please check with your local tax authority to see what you may need come tax time!

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