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MinkynbukMinkynbuk Member Posts: 5

My payment options in the receipts app have disappeared, and won't come back despite closing the app. I cant allocate the receipts at the moment. The accounts still show in the chart of accounts on the desktop version.

Any advice appreciated


  • CaptainBettyCaptainBetty Member Posts: 1

    I just noticed this over the weekend as well. Android app, when validating a receipt payment account are blank. I've done the following:

    Uninstall app/reinstalled
    cleared app data/cache
    logged out/in
    restarted phone

    No change, same result.

    Also reached out to Wave via Twitter DM

  • MinkynbukMinkynbuk Member Posts: 5

    Please can someone from WAVE help with this

  • AndyFromWaveAndyFromWave Administrator Posts: 7 admin

    @CaptainBetty @Minkynbuk This issue has been fixed and released to the App/Play store. Simply update the app and you'll be able to see your Payment accounts!

    Let me know if you continue to experience this problem.

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