One payment for multiple invoices.

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Is there a way to apply a payment to multiple invoices? Some of our customers aren't required to pay day of and if they get another invoice before they pay then we just get the one payment to cover multiple invoices. The Customer Statement shows the correct balance but previous invoices are still marked unpaid and the details on the Customer Statement only show the payment applied to one invoice number.


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    Nvm found a step-by-step from Katie 12/31/18. Thanks!

  • schexnailderschexnailder Member Posts: 10

    Do you have a link to Katie's response?

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    Well, I tried to find the original post from Katie but had no luck. I can tell you what I do now to split payments, but if you need more help maybe an admin can offer more assistance.

    Accounting--> Transactions --> click on the payment you want to split (not the little box on the left just click anywhere else in the blue highlighted field) --> click on "Split this deposit" --> choose where to apply the split payment and update the totals paid in each category

    Hope that helps!

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    Thank you so much!!!!

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    When I try that with Wave CC processed it won't let me do this! When I charge a customer's cc, I sometimes add to the payment amount to include an additional invoice. In such transaction, I can't edit anything in order to record properly. Why??

  • AlexLAlexL Administrator Posts: 1,948 admin

    Hey @Joseph0481 . Try using the Help Center article here which breaks down how to handle overpayments. Check out number 3 specifically which has to do with receiving payments through Wave Payments.

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