Transactions that are automatically created in the Wave system can't be edited or deleted

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Transactions that are automatically created in the Wave system can't be edited or deleted is a notification I get on a few invoices.

I need to edit this as the bank account it is automatically going to is 'cash on hand' however, the rest of my accounting does not go to this...

I have no idea how the transactions were automatically created? Is this when somebody pays an invoice via card payment?

Also how do I change what account it's gone into? It needs to be changed otherwise it messes up my accounting.



  • customlogoshopcustomlogoshop Member Posts: 19
  • customlogoshopcustomlogoshop Member Posts: 19

    Two questions posted 10 days ago and no replies. Do I have to contact support directly?

  • customlogoshopcustomlogoshop Member Posts: 19
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    I think we need more information. What kind of automatic transactions are they?

    Did you see the responses about editing the account automatic transactions go into in this thread?

  • customlogoshopcustomlogoshop Member Posts: 19

    I may have got confused here.

    I assume the automatic wave transaction from a client paying an invoice using Stripe goes to cash in hand because it's not yet in the bank? I now see an expense and then the actual transfer into my bank account.

    Is that correct?

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    I'm having a similar problem. The new reconciliation feature is great, but I'm realizing going back to 2016 that I'm not matching with the bank account. And I'm seeing that the reason is because (at the time) I was using Wave invoicing processed via Stripe, but for a transaction made on 5/31 shows up in Wave as a 5/31 transaction, but Stripe didn't deposit until 6/1 so it doesn't show up in my May bank statement.

    But the problem is that I can't edit this to change the date to match up with when the funds were actually deposited into the bank account...

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    Same problem here, I'm being charged GST by Stripe so my actual income doesn't match up with the transaction automatically created by Wave and I can't edit or delete it. So... I'm really stuck now.. help!

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