GST paid no showing up on Sales Tax Report

Larrybob_1057Larrybob_1057 Member Posts: 5

the purchases that I made and entered with the GST sales tax is not showing up on the Sales Tax Report under Purchases Subject to Sales tax and Tax amount on Purchases...I am unable at this point to do my GST reporting to the government ...I have the GST on invoices that I sent out...but not the one that I paid...


  • Brent_OntraxBrent_Ontrax Member Posts: 15

    Hi @Larrybob_1057, when you created the Sales Tax (GST %) did you tick the box that asks "This tax is recoverable", if not you'll need to create a new GST sales tax record and then make sure you tick the box and then SAVE, as this can only be ticked BEFORE saving. Then you go back to ALL the transactions and change the Tax code from the Old 1 to the New one. I did exactly the same thing and didn't realise till halfway through my 4th year of using Wave, as my accountant never told me about the issue till I was wondering myself why the figures he presented to my on year 3 were different to what I was seeing in my system. HTH Brent

  • Larrybob_1057Larrybob_1057 Member Posts: 5

    Thanks Brent...I finally did figure it out and had to go back and change them all...very tedious

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