Deleting stock items

EC_Free2bBeautifulEC_Free2bBeautiful Member Posts: 2
Hi everyone
Please help.
How can I delete stock items that was initially created for an invoice? I no longer stock it.


  • Ryan_WRyan_W Administrator Posts: 452 admin

    Hey @EC_Free2bBeautiful, the only way you'll be able to delete those items is if they're no longer associated with an invoice in your Wave account. This is by design (to make sure you can't delete an item which traces back to an existing invoice), although if you really need to get rid of them you'll need to delete them from existing invoices/delete the invoices outright. However, be cautious deleting things in Wave; this is permanent!

  • EC_Free2bBeautifulEC_Free2bBeautiful Member Posts: 2
    Ryan_w thank you for your reply. Deleted the invoices that had the items on it but still cannot delete the stock from my inventory
  • MikewaveMikewave Member Posts: 3

    I too require this feature, I do not want to lose the item from already paid invoices to delete the item. It would be good if the item could be moved to a 'Decommissioned Stock' folder. Can this be implemented?

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