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    I spent quite a bit of time on a follow-up comment last week, which I went back to edit a correction & then it said it was sent for moderation but has not been approved (because I don't see it).

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    it definitely said that it was posted.

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    Hi, @dane.

    I tracked down and approved your post. It's been added back a little further up. It was likely flagged by our automated moderator because of its size.

    What we're looking for is real-life cases using your business for context. While it can be useful to look into hypothetical scenarios, what we want to know is how this would affect the day-to-day of our actual users and get a better idea of what their needs are. Having real-world context around a feature suggestion helps us understand the kind of impact that feature would have on your work. By knowing more about the type of business you run, we also get a better idea of how many Wavers this feature would help.

    In short, the more we know about you and about other Wavers, the better we're able to grow Wave to suit your needs.

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    This needs to be done. No reason for it not to be added. Please let us know when it will be done.

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    Hi, @Markde.

    Could you tell us a bit more about your business and about how you use estimates?

    In what field do you work in? How often do you use identical, or even just similar estimates?

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    I would say about 80% of the time I create a new estimate I reference an old one. From new wordings and definitions to similar pricings that need to be.

    Descriptions change slightly over time, as does pricing, and the best reference is the most recent one right? So without redefining every estimate account in the settings everytime you change something which is an extra step that very few people would do, you could just duplicate the most recent previous estimate you sent and then changee the detaisl.

    Another HUGE frustration is that you cannot reorder the line items on an estimate. That seems very silly!

    What I don't understand is that both of these functionalities are available for invoices but not estimate.


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    Thanks for following up, @Markde.

    I understand your frustration with the disparity of features and interface between the Estimates and Invoices pages. It's absolutely fair for you to expect them to match up.

    Our team knows about the demand for better features around estimates and, while I don't have specifics to offer at this time, we are listening to your feedback and taking it into account when looking for the next thing to build or update in Wave. Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback.

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    I am in the Event business and I find most of my estimates are the same. Eg Estimate for 300 pax 200 Pax etc, I find it quite tiring having to redo quotes from scratch.. While it the same thing I have for another customer. If only there could be a button to duplicate the estimate, I guess it would be the best thing ever.

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    Thank you for adding your voice to this discussion, @Ashleys_events2018.

    I'll pass your comment along to our product team. I can't promise anything, but I'm sure the team would love the chance to deliver the best thing ever :)

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    Templates would be awesome. We have a number of packages we offer our clients, and it's a pain to re-enter each line item every time. The ability to bring up a package and modify if needed (discounts, etc...) would speed up our process tremendously. Just creating simple line items for a package won't work because our clients really need to see the breakdown of the details.

    For example, a package for recording video may include -
    (1) Camera @ $400
    (2) Record Devices @200 each
    (1) Network Cables @$40
    (1) Signal Cable @$25
    (1) Operator Labor @$40/hr for 10 hours

    (That's an oversimplification, btw.)

    This is a normal thing for us, with consistent pricing, and the client wants to see that breakdown, but when packages get large, it takes some time to find all the line items, drop them in and cross-reference to make sure we are adding the right items and pricing, etc... Being able to build the line items and pull them later is great, but adding the ability to pull templates or packages that use the same line items / pricing would be huge.

    Hope that's a useful case.

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    Hi Alexia,

    Is there any update from discussions within? I feel that you have heard plenty of real life scenarios to get a grasp on what is needed, to at least release a 1.0 version that can then be updated. Reading through this thread, I have seen numerous scenarios.

    I appreciate your response and time :)

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    Thank you, @fullsun and @arashd23, for your feedback.

    As mentioned previously in this discussion, I can't make any promises that this feature will make it to Wave. I'm here to primarily to offer support and I'm happy to pass your feedback along, but I'm not a decision-maker when it comes to new features, nor am I an engineer. We're always collecting comments and feedback, which our product team then use to help them decide what to build next.

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    this is a must, please!

  • ClayClay Member Posts: 1

    Hi, I definitely need this feature implementing ASAP as it is far too time consuming for me to keep creating estimates from scratch every time.

    I have just had to do 3 for the same job where the criteria was slightly different for each. I usually have to turn around estimates very quickly and a lot of the time the job requires similar equipment plus/minus a few items and the days/hours (units) may need to be changed.

    I also need to be able to reorder the items like you can do for the invoices. I have to itemise all of my crew / camera / lens / grip / audio / lighting / computer equipment for each job and usually in this set grouping order. If I miss one thing out I have to delete everything just to add an item near the top and then repeat the process. It's incredibly frustrating and we can all appreciate that time is money.

    Please can you find out from the dev team if this is a massive problem to implement and that is why it hasn't been done yet?
    It seems something very simple to just mirror the structure of the invoicing page but maybe because of the way estimates get converted to invoices it's not as simple.

    Please can you look to implement this feature as a matter of priority otherwise I will have to look elsewhere for my accounting software.

    Many thanks

  • PierreDVPierreDV Member Posts: 11

    This is exactly what we need as well, please add this much needed feature.
    Estimates is the start of the formal sale process and income depends on this, redoing estimates with the same parts/services is so time consuming.

  • GeofGeof Member Posts: 2

    Just found this discussion after being convinced there must be a way to duplicate estimates – but surprised to find there isn't!

    I had to produce 10 estimates for producing branded calendars and notebooks for clients in various European cities. The items and descriptions were exactly the same, as were additional notes about deadlines, delivery dates and methods of payment, and only the quantity and shipping costs changed.

    So, after having completed the first estimate, but without the ability to duplicate, what could have been a 10 minute exercise turned into a laborious cut and paste operation.

    And, looking optimistically ahead, it would be nice in a year's time to simply update these estimates to the same clients for the following year's calendars.

    Yes, a dupe option on estimates would certainly be useful.

  • merlmerl Member Posts: 4

    A while ago I signed up to wave, I stopped logging in after realising the monumental effort it would require to add products to the system.
    I recently came back with a view to start using wave for my business and was a bit let down to see that still no option to bulk upload products into the system was is available.

    Also I just realised this, that when creating an estimate you can to do it each and everytime, with no ability to duplicate existing estimates.

    For what seems like an otherwise great app, the above-mentioned points are fundamental arent they?
    Don't get me wrong I like wave, I want to use it but at the moment its designed to enslaves anyone that wants to use it.
    Who wants to spead hours doing what should be done in minutes.
    The whole point of technology is to make things easier, to improve productivity and work flow.

    The inability to duplicate estimates makes for a laborious process.
    As does not being able to bulk add products which are what every estimate or invoice is based on.

    In a nut shell I see it like this

    Someone has built a shiny car, it looks great, nice interior, nice exterior, great wheels, superb engine, but strangely no tyres.

    Its also a bit like those tiny spare wheels you sometimes get instead of a proper spare.
    Yes they may let you crawl to the next destination but really who wants that.

    Invoices allow for duplicates so why after so many months and requests is the feature not available for estimates?

    "Wave has served over 3.5 million customers and tracked over $180 billion in income & expenses since 2010."

    But still hasnt made it easy for companies to add their products or streamline the estimating process.

    For the love of this app, please sort out these key points which would make for a more complete solution.
    Not having them lets down an otherwise great app

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  • RyanRSARyanRSA Member Posts: 5

    I am a plumber and install a lot of water heaters....New estimates for each one.
    Admin has to biggest pain in the ass for me so duplication of estimates would be an absolute WIN! It will also be an effective way to fine tune the pricing of a job where each duplicate estimate could be worked on. Minor adjustments are a whole lot easier than Cut/Paste each time.
    I love being able to convert estimates to invoices. That is brilliant. PLEASE guys....Add the duplicate button for estimates.

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    Thanks for all of your feedback everyone! We're currently revamping the invoicing and estimates features in the coming months, so please keep an eye out for these changes in-app!

  • RachelKnRachelKn Member Posts: 4

    I'd also like to to duplicate estimates as well as move estimate line items around.
    I recently quoted three weddings in the same week for similar items (bouquets, centerpieces, boutonnieres, floral installations, late pickup, delivery, etc). I often recommend two or three options for centerpieces and these are priced individually. I find have the following use cases:
    1) I need to give the same customer up to three estimates with two or three line items that are different in each, but this means manually re-adding every single item for each additional estimate, risking things get skipped, missed, or duplicated
    2) I need to give different customers similar estimates featuring similar line items and prefer not to have to go back and create a new estimate each time, manually re-adding every single item... Again risking errors
    3) I have to revise existing estimates to either add new items or update numbers, but I have to either overwrite a previous one and lose that initial working copy, or create a new one again (Case 1)... is there a theme emerging? This is where moving line items around would also be helpful as I'd be able to group and highlight changes clearly for my customers (something that is currently unavailable)
    Hopefully this is helpful feedback. Looking forward to seeing what you roll out in updates.

  • JordanDJordanD Member Posts: 515 ✭✭✭

    @RachelKn Thanks so much for taking the time to leave us with a detailed response. This information about the use case and value that you have provided is stellar for being able to escalate to our Product Team. :)

  • wbpwbp Member Posts: 4

    Rachel nailed it.
    Really hoping for an improved estimates update soon... It just needs to be as basic as being able to do the same things invoices can do. Duplicate, rearrange line items, etc.
    A big giant +1 on this feature request

  • GeofGeof Member Posts: 2

    That's really good news on the new ability to duplicate estimates. Thanks and well done to all involved.

    Now one more for the wish list (and apologies in advance if I've just not discovered how to do it).

    I have a printing business and clients frequently ask for the cost of varying quantities so I need to quote them, for instance, how much it will cost to print 250, 750 and 2000 copies of a brochure. The item cost drops rapidly, the higher the quantity.

    So what I want to do is provide the 3 prices on an estimate without any total as the 3 prices are just options for the client to consider.

    At present it seems I can either send them 3 separate estimates or forget Wave and send an email.

    Am I missing the obvious?

  • RahimRahim Member Posts: 97 ✭✭

    Hi @Geof

    There isn't a way to show an estimate without the total showing, however, the concept of options/versions of estimate is not an un-common one. The current way to do this would be to send three separate estimates and send those to your customer.

    The duplicate feature will help cut down on the time to do this but we will look to make more improvements to the estimates product later in 2019 to make your life easier.

  • RyanRSARyanRSA Member Posts: 5

    Thanks Wave
    I have been getting into the use of Duplicates. Its HUGE time saver. Would it be possible to have estimates like invoices, where you can rearrange items on the page?
    Thanks again. Big plus

  • SamdSamd Member Posts: 552 ✭✭✭

    Thanks for the feedback @RyanRSA! This is something we can look into. For some transparency into why this isn't currently possible - Estimates run on an older system in Wave, which has some limited functionality. Enhancements require us re-building Estimates on a more robust platform, so there will need to be some background work behind the scenes before something like this is possible, but this is something we're working towards!

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