Bank starting balance no way to delete

yeeyen_hanyeeyen_han Member Posts: 2

I have notice that my bank balance out by an starting amount, -$160.50 and it seems that only one side entry as the balance sheet did not shown the other amounts. No way to make adjustment.


  • JulianPJulianP Administrator Posts: 544 admin

    Hey @yeeyen_han !

    It appears that some of your Wave pages might not be communicating with each other, and this is why you are seeing discrepancies in the numbers between different pages.

    I have triggered an accounting data fix on your account, and it showed that your account was in need of this! The reports and accounts should be properly connected within 15-30 minutes, depending on how much data there was to fix.

    If, after that time the accounts are still off, please let me know and we can go from there.

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