Email from WAVE "Final reminder to keep getting emails from Wave"

Studio1212Studio1212 Member Posts: 1

Not sure why I received this email from WAVE. I use the software everyday for 2 businesses almost every day. Could this be a scam?

Thanks for giving Wave a try. Since you haven't logged in for several months, we're required to stop sending emails to you at this email address.

This will be the last email you receive from us unless you confirm that you want to stay on our mailing list.

Specifically, unless you take action, you will no longer receive any updates about your Wave account, or about Wave features that can help you run your business.

How to stay connected
To continue receiving emails from Wave, log in to your Wave account to indicate that you're still using our services.

We look forward to keeping you up to date with information about your Wave account.

Katie L.
Manager, Customer Application Support


  • JulianPJulianP Administrator Posts: 850 admin

    Hey @Studio1212 !

    Ah yes, I'm familiar with this email. We typically send it to inactive accounts so they can simply sign in to continue receiving emails from Wave. Do you mind sending me a direct message that includes your exact email address that received this notification? I can then go ahead and confirm if it was in fact set to you by Wave.

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