Can I continue to use Wave in Australia

JulieMartinOT3922JulieMartinOT3922 Member Posts: 1
I have used Wave for several years for my business. I’m in Australia. I only use the straight invoicing, reminders and paid invoice section. Do I need to find a new Invoicing program? If so does anyone know by what date I will need to transfer my client info by..Victoria, Australia. I can’t find a timeline at all, or can I continue using Wave in its simplest form? TIA Julie


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    I am a user in Sri Lanka. I love the platform because it helps me sort my finances in order. But I see that there is some connection with zoho? Does that mean my Wave account will stop functioning in the near future? So will all user outside of US get pushed out with a grace period and then Wave will stop?

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  • JulianPJulianP Administrator Posts: 544 admin

    Hey @JulieMartinOT3922 and @AntP !

    As you may know, Wave will no longer be supporting businesses outside of Canada and the US. We have partnered with ZOHO to help you migrate your data to their software. If you'd like to learn about other alternatives, I encourage you to check out our discussion about our decision as many users have been sharing Wave alternatives in the comment section.

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