Google Sheets Add-on Upload Invoices Error

BeffBeff Member Posts: 5

Created a new Google Sheet to Upload Invoices. Selected optional columns Invoice Number and Invoice Date.

My columns are: Customer Name; Invoice Number; Invoice Date; Item Name; Quantity; Unit Price; Description; Sales Tax

I started with a fresh sheet, tried 1 line, used drop down selections for all that required it, and typed all others. I did not copy/paste from any other program.

Yet, I get the error:
ERROR: 1 Products have errors. Invoice will not be loaded.
ITEM ERROR: Ambiguous Item Name. Make Item (Product) Name unique in Wave.

Tried in Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge but got the same error.

What am I doing wrong? Thanks


  • PaulCPaulC Administrator Posts: 171 admin

    Hi @Beff,
    The message from Wave Connect is telling you that you have more than 1 Product in Wave with the same name. Wave Connect therefore does not know which Product you are trying to upload to.
    In Wave, you should rename your product(s) so that you only have one with the name you are trying to upload to.
    In Wave Connect, then click the 'Refresh' link at the bottom of the sidebar so that it reads this product change, and try validating again.
    Hope that helps.

  • AngelaCAngelaC Administrator Posts: 9 admin

    Hi @Beff !

    For the spreadsheet line where the error is displayed, can you check if you have 2 products with the same name in Wave? You can do this by logging in to your Wave account, going to the Sales > Products & Services tab, and looking for the product listed in your spreadsheet. You should see 2 lines with the same product name - renaming one of them should fix the issue.

    Hope that helps :)

  • BeffBeff Member Posts: 5

    Yes, in Wave, I had multiple products with the same SKU, but different descriptions because I send the same product to different customers. I added suffixes to each SKU to make them unique. Thanks for the help!

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