Credit Card Payments

Mai Lyn JohnsonMai Lyn Johnson Member Posts: 1

I followed Katie's advice to link a payment from a checking account to a credit card, but matching transactions don't show up for me - just a list of accounts. If I choose an account I get a duplicate deposit transactions.

I know the matching transactions exist, in different accounts, but when I choose Transfer to Bank, Credit Card or Loan, there are no matching transactions appear.


  • James_HudsonJames_Hudson Administrator Posts: 107 admin

    Hey Mai Lin,

    As far as I know, transactions that have equal amounts but are opposite transaction types (withdrawal/deposit) should always show up in the list of available transfers.

    If the transactions aren't 1) the same amount and 2) a combination of one withdrawal transaction and one deposit transaction, then that's what might be preventing the transfer being formed.

    If you still can't create a transfer, it'd be great to look at some screenshots of the transactions!

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