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Could someone provide me steps or suggestions on how to integrate Checkout orders with Printful (POD services). It's a bit confusing how Printful is accessing the Wave order. I would like to have a Checkout order get pushed into Printful as a new order for printing and shipping fulfillment. Thank you. -doug

I should note that I am using Zapier.



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    Hey @GeoTech !

    After taking a look at the integrations that Zapier supports through Wave, it looks like Printful is available!

    In short, Zapier connects 2, or more, services together using these principles: if Service #1 performs a TRIGGER, Zapier can send instructions to Service #2 to record a secondary ACTION. For example, if Shopify creates a sale transaction, Wave can be told to create a matching transaction on your Transactions page. These chain reactions are called "Zaps".

    To get started, if you haven't already, you will have to create a Zapier account. You can do that, and find a full description of what triggers/actions are available for Wave, by visiting this page. You can also find a list of pre-made Zaps that you can utilize here.

    Since the integration is handled by Zapier, I suggest contacting their support directly for more information on their integrations!

    For more information about Zapier and Wave, feel free to check out the Help Center article below:

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