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We are a UK business and hoping to still be able to use WAVE for as long as we can due to its' speed and simplicity to set up and use. Of course we are disappointed that we have to move to another supplier for full services. We have already trialled Fresh Books which is almost identical to Wave how it is structured and how it works and 100% would be our choice.

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    Hi there, I'm also in the UK and have become reliant on the Stripe integration for card payments. I have been tempted by Bokio as Freshbooks has very low limits of 'billable clients' unless you pay for the premium service or higher.

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    I'm in the UK and I was disappointed with the prospect of losing Wave, I had just got my head round it and I like the way it works. But I didn't want to risk staying on it without being sure how long it woud last. I trawled through different packages and eventually settled on Quickfile. The pricing makes it excellent value and it's scalable so for a small business it's just common sense. Now I've migrated and set it up I think it's more intuitive than Wave and I am glad I switched. Bank feed looks like it is quite comprehensive but my transactions are fairly low volume so I havent gone with that yet (£15pa). There is card integration so I have simply connected the Stripe account I already had. I run various small businesses and the option to set up different trading styles is perfect for me (that did take a bit of working out but I got there).

    The user interface looks very different to Wave but it's worth persisting and eventually you will come to like it better.

    So at least for small business, if you want something that works as well as Wave and doesn't cost a lot I would seriously recommend checking Quickfile. You can export your data from Wave and import to Quickfile although you will have to drop a few non-essential fields.

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    We are in the UK and are extremely disappointed in this decision. Quite happy to move to Zoho Books (although would prefer Wave to work with more than one to give us choice).

    I have tried to contact Support through the ridiculous help bot that is as useful as a chocolate kettle, no joy in being able to get any way to get in touch with Wave now, so hoping someone in the team comes by this thread.

    Can you please get in touch so we can start this transition sooner rather than later? Ideally with a range of alternatives, but if you are only going to work with Zoho, we are happy to be guinea pigs.


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    Have a look at Bullet
    It's developed in the UK, but suitable for many other countries too.

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    Thank you for the suggestions. I was looking for free accounting software and had spotted none of the ones suggested above (Bullet, Quickfile or Bokio).

    My original plan was to continue using Wave but I thought I would have a glance at these. When I recalled that Wave is not MTD compliant and uses bridging software and I thought I will put some effort into making one of these work,

    For my needs, Bokio worked well and I am glad I made the move. It took me 2 hours from scratch to create every transaction I had in Wave again in Bokio. That way I learnt the system and have an MTD compliant solution ready for uploading to HMRC.

    In fact, for my unusual needs related to IR35 (invoice amounts don't match payments as tax and NI is paid at source) my workflow has actually reduced.

    The one thing I am not keen on is that you cannot alter the chart of accounts, but sometimes you have to change the way you work to match the system rather than the other way around.

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    It is with disappointment about your partnership with SOHO as they have a very bad service. I even tried to contact them even before signing up to Wave but no reply no matter what. For years i tried to contact them to open an account because I know that they are here in Middle East. I even saw them in several exhibition gave my contact details every year but they never call. Just recently they contacted me and i declined them because of their bad service. There's no way you can find an answer to your questions. I just hope you will reconsider your partnership with them or at least give us an option which platform we would like to use, but definitely not Soho, they are very good in ignoring clients.

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    I think Wave is not able to connect to your bank accounts. is it possible for you to manually upload your bank statemetns into WAVE using Wave uploader or CSV, Txt file upload. I am in Canada but the bank connection, unfortunately, doesn't work for me. So for now i have resorted to uploading bank transactions manually.

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    Hi guys,
    Excuse me if I'm being dense. From my understanding, Wave is stopping stripe enabled invoices, however it's not mentioned whether or not other non-banking functions will remain active and for how long?
    Also, does anyone know if another payment handler can be set up instead of stripe (such as paypal if need be)?
    I only use the platform for invoicing as it far exceeds others in terms simplicity and ease to navigate.

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    Hey @AZ85 , no need to apologize for questions of clarification! You are correct, we will no longer be allowing payment through Stripe enabled invoices.

    Everything else in Wave will remain open to you as you do have a pre-existing account. We have stopped new user sign ups but we have no plans of restricting or deleting data from users who are already on the platform.

    At the moment, we don't have any other payment processor that you can link with to receive payment, although you can always add your PayPal details to the invoice itself so that your customer can pay you.

    Let us know if you have any further questions!

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    I was disappointed as well having used for so many years.
    So easy to create invoices send reminders.
    Personalising has also been straight forward.
    But like other users I decided I can't take the chance that they will one day stop supporting us in the UK.
    Like Andy_Smith, I have gone with
    That was after an extensive search looking for something that was as close to
    So credit to the team here at Waveapps, you have done a very good job because it was not easy finding an alternative.

    One challenge I had with
    There was no easy way to send a receipt to a customer, once you had confirmed an invoice had been paid.
    So I reached out to their support team, they agreed that it was an add on that would be useful.
    Within a very short time they implemented it, now is that good service or what.
    Seems I am not alone in thinking they are a great service, with over 1,703, 4.8 star reviews on Trustpilot:

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