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I have a client who entered the wrong answer to his security questions and has since rectified this with his bank. Wave however, has been unable to import bank transactions since that date, and I'm currently awaiting help from Wave Support. It seems to me that in the earlier Wave, I could delete the bank accounts and enter them as "new accounts", starting at the date the data stopped importing. I would be asked various security questions and then be back on my way. Does this still work, or is there an even better way to do a quick reset on this? Turning the import function off and on again doesn't do anything...


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    Hey @APColeman , I see that our Support agent Ravi was able to answer your question via ticket. If you do have any further questions, please don't hesitate to reach back out directly to him. Thanks for all of your patience!

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    I did get a reply, but honestly, I still have the same issue after trying his suggestions. I have to figure out how to delete credit card and EFT "payouts" or "payments" , so can completely delete the bank connection, and start from scratch.

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    Just turning payments "off" doesn't achieve this.

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    Hey @APColeman !

    If you try to delete a bank connection on the Banking > Connected Accounts page used for automatic transaction imports AND payouts, you won't be able to delete it since you are required to have a payout account at all times.

    Before you can delete your bank connection, you will need to reconnect your payout account manually to break your current connection since it is connected through Plaid. To do so, please navigate to Settings -> Payouts -> Update account. In the search window, enter dummy information like "0000". Click "Use your bank transit, institution, and account number" in blue text and enter your account details. Below I attached a screenshot for reference:

    Once this is done, you can successfully delete your current bank connection on the Banking > Connected Accounts page and reconnect it :)

    Please note, when reconnecting your financial institution, please select a specific date to resume transaction imports to prevent duplicates in your account.

    I hope this helps!

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    It definitely helps - thanks again!

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