Creating Purchase Order for Product Expense/Purchase

PeterINAPeterINA Member Posts: 4


I found Wave few days ago, I think this is very helpful to help small business, especially the feature to create invoice is very good.

I think it will be good also if we can create purchase order instead of bill from Wave. So the purchase order that is sent to our vendor can act as a reminder for the total expense that will be showed up. And there is payment term also, full payment or down payment xx %, progress payment, and final payment. Once we send our purchase order to the vendor, the vendor can sends his receipt, we upload his receipt and make payment based on the value on the receipt and wave create expense transaction automatically. Please consider this. Thanks


  • CheryllionCheryllion Member Posts: 1

    I just entered converted everything over to Wave and am about to order something from a vendor, but am realizing that there is no Purchase Order option -- that there are streams and streams of community requests for one going back several years. Still no PO option? This is crucial to my business!

  • waveuser_rsbwaveuser_rsb Member Posts: 2

    I am absolutely floored that this basic function still does not exist. I searched the forum and found posts back to 2018 asking for a PO feature!

    I feel stuck on Wave for the time being since I've invested so much time to set up my account (especially manually editing every transaction's vendor/categorization) but I absolutely have to tell my peers to steer clear of Wave.

    Without a purchase order function & the ability to bulk edit transactions, Wave's functionality is severely limiting.

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