Checkout payment does not show up in transaction

ayicayic Member Posts: 1

Hi all - I need your help please. I recently started to use wavepayment (yet I couldn't get access to the live chat). And I encountered an issue that I am hoping someone can help.

I had two payments going through the cc payment by wave, only one of the payments had three entries and was recognized as a sale, therefore the revenue was recognized.

The most recent one I had only had two entries (wavepayment and transfer to bank), but it doesn't have a sale recognize. I thought there was a delay because of the bank transfer, but until now (5 days after) I still haven't seen an entry. I don't know whether it is a system glitch, or I need to make a manual journal entry. I can't access to live chat (not sure why) so I wanted to check if anyone has a suggestion for me.

Thank you for your time in advance!

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