Wave’s PayPal integration is being discontinued



  • AlexLAlexL Administrator Posts: 2,869 admin

    Hey @twcmusic , as mentioned in Paul's original post at the beginning of this thread:

    @PaulC said:

    Will Wave build a new PayPal integration?

    No, Wave does not plan to build another integration with PayPal.

    There are also some other options listed on how you can get your PayPal transactions into Wave moving forward. Check them out.

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  • Scott_McCullochScott_McCulloch Member Posts: 2

    I hope the good folks at Wave will reconsider this move... seems like a backwards step to discontinue Paypal integration, and one that could result in Wave losing some customers.

    That said, for those of us wiling to try out the Integromat "solution" - perhaps the Wave folks could provide some instructions or a template to get Paypal and Wave working together?

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  • SoloAntSoloAnt Member Posts: 11

    Well, I'm sad to say I'm in the middle of switching to a new accounting software because of this very reason. I really wish Wave didn't discontinue the connection with Paypal. Zapier doesn't appear to work in my situation where I make purchases with Paypal and I want the expense to import into Wave. I don't want to add another to do and manually import the transactions into my accounting software either, I'm a one-person business, and adding another thing is too much.

    Super bummed.

  • twcmusictwcmusic Member Posts: 10

    Hi @AlexL - having to do this manually has been pretty frustrating and cumbersome. Like @Scott_McCulloch mentioned earlier, I would also really appreciate if Wave could provide some step-by-step instructions or a template to get Paypal and Wave working together in an automated fashion as before. This feels like like an awful downgrade from my experience with the platform and I hope we can at least be provided with a working solution that really replaces the removed PayPal & Wave integration functionality.

    Perhaps the retired PayPal integration wasn't perfect - but at least it was available to us as an option. I've tried the alternatives provided in this post but the only one that actually works for me is the manual import option - which is too much work when this can be automated and it was, before.

    The PayPal integration met the needs of many of the disappointed users of Wave who are posting on this thread. Where are the "many" customers that say removing the PayPal Integration meets their needs? I don't see them here defending this decision.

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  • JulianPJulianP Administrator Posts: 985 admin

    Hey @twcmusic !

    I'm sorry to hear that this decision has affected your accounting workflow for both you and your business. At this time, your alternative options are importing CSV PayPal statements, Wave Connect, or Zapier. For the most automated method, I suggest checking out Zapier's Paypal integration.

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  • JoaquinJoaquin Member Posts: 2

    Integration with the new API would be greatly appreciated.
    I'm sorry to see this go. I am also not excited about giving yet another third-party access to my PayPal and Wave accounts.
    Without PayPal the point of using wave for us vanishes.
    I Hope the Wave team can find a solution for this. Every accounting app I know has Paypal integration (as with any other bank) I can't see the reason why it is not working with Wave.

  • twcmusictwcmusic Member Posts: 10

    Hi @JulianP

    Thanks for your reply. The only automated method provided is the Zapier PayPal integration. This would in fact require a Zapier premium subscription (for a feature that was available to us on Wave before). And even after paying for this premium subscription, this integration only seems to track sales but not purchases. We need an integration that imports all transactions from PayPal - we still don't have an alternative solution that appropriately replaces the discontinued Wave PayPal integration.

    I'm sure many of us on this thread would appreciate a guide that will direct us to an automated alternative that really replaces the discontinued feature. Without one, I am struggling to find a way to find manual imports manageable and considering leaving Wave altogether as a service :(

  • KristenVKristenV Administrator Posts: 121 admin

    Hi @twcmusic , I'm sorry to hear that you are having some trouble with the available Zapier integration. If the Zapier integration is not suitable for your business needs, an alternative is Integromat. Integromat can automatically import both expense and income transactions to Wave. I hope you are able to find some success with this alternative.

  • twcmusictwcmusic Member Posts: 10

    Hi @KristenV - I appreciate you trying to help but Integromat was the first alternative I tried. It never worked for me, the webhooks never fired, and after going over Integromat's own instruction I could not figure out how to get a PayPal automation to work with Wave. If you or anyone at Wave has tested that this really works and can provide us with a detailed step-by-step guideline on how to set this up, I would greatly appreciate it and I'm sure many here would as well.

    Has anyone on this thread actually gotten Integromat to work for them?

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  • SPS_JohnSPS_John Member Posts: 9

    PayPal has been removed? Instability seems to be a weak point to hold to. PayPal is a huge service relied on by others. I see the point about simply pulling transactions in from the PayPal as if it was a separate asset account, but that creates an undesired extra set of steps. It would be far easier to work on returning it to an option for us as many other competitive platforms do offer the integration. What if during the pursuit of returning integration, it is at least a checkout option on our websites since payments don't require invoices in the **checkout ** function? At least that would be a good start especially for those of us who have websites.

  • JulianPJulianP Administrator Posts: 985 admin

    Hey @twcmusic !

    I'm sorry to hear that you were not successful with Integromat. Moving forward, since these integrations don't live with Wave, I suggest reaching out to Integromat's support team by opening a ticket for further assistance. I suggest reaching out to Zapier as well if you haven't already.

    Hello @SPS_John !

    Thanks for your feedback. You can still integrate your PayPal account by using Zapier or Integromat. If these options don't suffice, you can import your PayPal data manually by using our CSV uploader as well.

  • webcoreincwebcoreinc Member Posts: 4

    Sounds like your developers have failed you. Hundreds of other apps integrate with PayPal flawlessly, so it appears the issue is with your developers and not PayPal

  • twcmusictwcmusic Member Posts: 10

    Hi @JulianP

    Getting back to you about reaching out to Integromat and Zapier - which I have now done. They were unable to help. I hope Wave can provide customers and users like myself some guidance, because I really don't know what my options are now for automating this besides using another service.

    After asking for help with syncing PayPal transactions (both sales and purchases) with Wave. Here is what Integromat said:
    "Right now, our Paypal modules rely on an IPN connection" ( which is limited to only reporting sales).

    Zapier said the same about their integration:
    "As of the moment, triggering from custom messages is not yet supported by our Paypal integrations. However, this is already being discussed, depending on user demand. While I cannot ensure that this could be a possibility, and I don't have an ETA on when this feature might be implemented, we will notify you via email if it is! Another thing to take note of is that Paypal is considered a Premium App. It means that it requires a paid plan to use."

    What can a Wave user do as an alternative to automated syncing, since these appear to not be working?

  • AlexLAlexL Administrator Posts: 2,869 admin

    Hey @twcmusic , I'm sorry to hear that these aren't functioning the way that they're supposed to. As we no longer provide an automatic PayPal import within the software, the next best bet for you here would be to upload your PayPal transactions or statements through Wave Connect. I understand that it isn't automated, but it will allow you to import both sales and purchases as well as save you time from entering in every transaction manually.

  • twcmusictwcmusic Member Posts: 10

    Hi @AlexL, thanks for your response. Unfortunately, I do require an automated solution for this. Is there a way to automate PayPal generating reports to Wave Connect and then having that trigger a scheduled import to Wave? If this would be possible with Wave Connect, then this could temporarily resolve the issue we are facing with lack of a complete alternative for this feature.

  • VictoriaTVictoriaT Member Posts: 1

    How can you just remove the integration like this and not think you'll lose customers? I just started using Waves and am now wondering if I made a bad decision. Some of my clients will only pay me via Paypal. Please bring back the integration! I'd even pay for it if need be.

  • AlexLAlexL Administrator Posts: 2,869 admin

    Hey @twcmusic , I appreciate your need for this and you making sure to check all of your options, but in full transparency, the truth of the matter is that at the moment we just don't have a function that would automate this solution for you other than the options that were listed previously that you mentioned aren't functioning well for you. The only other alternative would be Wave Connect (which is completely manual) or manually adding these transactions into Wave.

  • JoaquinJoaquin Member Posts: 2

    This is an important issue. Paypal is one of the most popular payment options all around the world. I hope Wave can solve it in the near future. Thanks

  • twcmusictwcmusic Member Posts: 10

    Hi @AlexL , thanks for getting back to me. I appreciate that Wave Support team is actively checking these forums. The fact that there is no solution currently to this issue is quite disappointing but I hope the Wave team is developing a way to solve this and we can get an update here whenever that is implemented. Like many folks have mentioned on this thread, Wave should reconsider it's decision as it has negatively impacted the workflow of many clients.

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  • projectpiprojectpi Member Posts: 1

    Well this is quite disappointing. We just started taking website payments from PayPal and found out Wave doesn't integrate with it and worse, doesn't plan to. We were happy with Wave up to this point, but will definitely keep an eye out for alternatives going forward.

  • dontoverthinkthisdontoverthinkthis Member Posts: 1

    To add to how ridiculous this is, Plaid (which Wave uses to connect to bank accounts) has no problem connecting to PayPal accounts. I asked them why this isn't enabled, and Wave said they don't want to enable it.

    It seems like they're trying to force users away from PayPal and convince them to use Wave payments instead, but the opposite is happening – people are leaving Wave.

  • twcmusictwcmusic Member Posts: 10

    That's very interesting. If activating PayPal transactions through Plaid is as easy as just enabling the feature, then it should get activated (since an alternative solution for this hasn't been offered yet).

    Wave, can we please get PayPal linking through Plaid?

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