Refund option is gone????

CaineDCaineD Member Posts: 1


I have a stack of refunds and at least for a couple of them that are within 90days, the refund option isn't available?

I find the refunding of sales enormously tiresome and pathetic in this app. I love it for everything else, but its so asinine in its design. Also asking random strangers to access my acocunt to issue refunds form greater than 90 days ago is also silly.

I should be able to issue refunds when ever I want for whom ever requests them.

One fat button please (REFUND) and no time limits.

Please at least someone tell me why my recent invoices cant be refunded?


  • AlexLAlexL Administrator Posts: 2,837 admin

    Hey @CaineD . When Wave issues refunds on your behalf we don't access your account to do so. We do have the ability to do it through the back end although we do need the correct invoice information to ensure that when we're issuing a refund, it's from the correct payment.

    In regards to why those other payments can't be refunded, I'm afraid I can't give you a specific answer as I don't have one, but the answer would lie in the fact that we do have specific criteria that a payment has to meet for security reasons for it to be refundable.

    Sorry for the disruption that this may cause in your regular workflow. The team would be more than happy to help if you reach out to them over ticket or live chat!

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