Arabic Language Character Changes

DavidParkDavidPark Member Posts: 2

Good Day to you all,
I am New to this platform and I have a small issue.
I have added some Arabic words in description of our services.
And in invoice web view it is perfectly fine. but when it is downloaded as PDF the Character structure changes to single alphabets not a arabic word.


  • DavidParkDavidPark Member Posts: 2

    Can somebody help me with this..???

  • AlexLAlexL Administrator Posts: 2,166 admin

    Hey @DavidPark , thanks for bringing this to our attention. Although I can't comment on how fast this change will be added to the software, I'd be more than happy to pass this feedback along to our team. In the meantime, depending on what you're looking for you may be able to just email the invoice to yourself or screenshot/print it as an alternative.

  • QvoyageTourismQvoyageTourism Member Posts: 2

    HI wave team, @AlexL
    Im having the same issue

    Is there any possible ways to save the PDF which has Arabic words ?
    Whenever I save it, it becomes damage because the PDF is not supporting the Arabic language

    Thank you

    edited November 21, 2020
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