Item names do not show with google sheet zappier integration

keith_1keith_1 Member Posts: 2

I triggered a zap when a new invoice is created to send data to google sheets but the data that zappier obtains from wave does not contain the product item names from the invoice.
It contains product ID or calls it 1 , 2... so on.
I cannot find any product ID description in wave to relate the item to.
I am trying to do my inventory management in google sheets, getting the product name or even relating the product id to the product will help me alot.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated


  • AngelaCAngelaC Member Posts: 12 admin

    Hi @keith_1 ,

    Wave has a Google Sheets add-on called Wave Connect that you can use to export your invoice data to Google Sheets. Wave Connect's invoice download has a "Data to Download" section, where you can specify downloading "Invoice Data and Line Items". This will give you the product names associated with each of your invoices.

    You can find more details about Wave Connect on this page.

    Hope that works for you! :)

  • keith_1keith_1 Member Posts: 2

    Hi @AngelaC,
    Thanks for the suggestion.
    Is there any way that I can automate this?
    In the sense that wave connect will update the google sheet of the downloaded invoices whenever a new invoice is added into wave.
    If this were possible that would be fantastic.
    If this is not possible please do consider adding it in the future :)

  • AngelaCAngelaC Member Posts: 12 admin

    Hi @keith_1,

    Unfortunately it's not currently possible to automate Wave Connect. Sorry about that!

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