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renotahoerenotahoe Member Posts: 1

How do you easily export transactions to an excel file with a date range?


  • MTMMSMTMMS Member Posts: 2

    Looking for same. Used to do this through reports, its no longer there. looking for a full list off all transactions by type and totals with each listed. Please help.

  • AlexiaAlexia Administrator Posts: 3,315 admin

    Hi @renotahoe.

    That'll largely depend on what you need this for. You could download your Account Transactions report as a CSV file. You can find it at the bottom of the Reports page.

    You could also go through a global export of all your data (you find find out how to do this here), and find the transactions within your date range in the "Accounting.csv" file

  • daryanRSdaryanRS Member Posts: 4

    Is it not possible to add an export function to the Account Transactions so that we can export selected transactions? I have 3 businesses under one profile but bank transactions can only be imported to your primary business ... Seems silly that there is no easy way to export transactions to a different business when it is so easy to switch between businesses.

  • daryanRSdaryanRS Member Posts: 4

    Further to the above, it's double work to export transations, import them into a different business, and then have to go back and remove from the original transactions. This is probably one feature that will force me to move to another application :(

  • Bert98Bert98 Member Posts: 2

    WAVE support is not responding by email to my request for data export . Is anyone else having this problem and what is the solution. Would appreciate any help or comments

  • gabrieltomescugabrieltomescu Member, Administrator Posts: 33 admin

    @daryanRS Let me see if I can address your concerns.

    To export your transactions, use the Settings > Data export page to do so:

    To import transactions into a particular business, first switch to the desired business using the switcher in the top left of your screen. Then navigate to Accounting > Transactions. From the "More" button in the top right, select "Upload a bank statement". You can find additional instructions here:

  • gabrieltomescugabrieltomescu Member, Administrator Posts: 33 admin

    @daryanRS As per your comment, Wave only supports connecting a bank account at the Wave account level, not by individual businesses.

    If you wish for better separation, I would suggest creating a separate Wave accounts for each of your businesses, and connecting your bank to each of them individually, in order to separate which transactions go to which business.

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  • daryanRSdaryanRS Member Posts: 4

    @gabrieltomescu - thanks for coming back to me, but that much I know.
    My issue is running to "trading as" businesses from the same bank account. I have had to create my own spreadsheet system to separate transactions into separate lists, and then import manually.
    With the restrictions, I am unable to use the bank connections in your app.

    I don't see why it would be difficult to create a filter or search option on the transactions page and have an option to export selected transactions.

    Will have to just wait and see if Wave ever implement anything like that. It's a great app, it just seems incomplete from a number of perspectives.

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