Recurring Invoices

PProjectsPProjects Member Posts: 1

Is there any way to place on hold, the Recurring Invoice created; rather than End it completely. There are times when a respite is necessary, and Ending the Recurring Invoice, affects the accounting history and Customer Statement.



  • BarsinBarsin Administrator Posts: 2,041 admin

    Hey there @PProjects

    Currently Wave does not offer this feature within this version of our app. We're always looking for feedback from our customers on how we can improve our software with every update we make. So we appreciate you reaching out about this and you should know that our developers are always parsing through archived tickets looking for feature updates requested by our users. Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any other improvements you think we could make to our system!

  • Antenna_ManAntenna_Man Member Posts: 3

    Any movement forward on a "pause" of recurring Invoices. We have many 2nd home owners who only need our Internet service in the summer, so I'm currently ending many recurring invoices, which I'll have to rebuild in the spring on the customers return. I can't but think it'd be so much simpler to hit one "Pause" button now, then in the spring hit the same "Pause" button to unpause the billing and quickly pick up where we left off.

  • coachjonmcoachjonm Member Posts: 2

    Yeah, I can see a MOUNTAIN of requests for the ability to pause invoices.

    I, too, would LOVE this feature, as it would mean I could migrate more of my business over from PayPal.

    But, as it stands right now ... I have to keep using PayPal for that purpose.

    So ... how many more people have to request this feature before it gets the attention of Wave for real?

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