Not populating businesses during the 'Request for Permission' step within OAuth2 authorization

HaithamHaitham Member Posts: 3

Hi team,
I am trying to connect my custom web app to to wave account and the following issues has surfaced.

This only happens if there is at least one business under the account where the account is an ADMIN but NOT the OWNER of the business. This is a problematic issue and an admin should be able to connect and interact with the system. I have faced that with another published web app on the Google Marketplace and I received the same response from them.

Kindly advise. Thank you.



  • Linda_ByrneLinda_Byrne Member Posts: 13 admin

    Hi Haitham,

    We're working on delivering our new and improved authorization page which we expect to deploy by next week. In this authorization page you'll be able to see all businesses for which you are the OWNER, any businesses for which you are the ADMIN will be missing from the list.

    Hope this helps,

  • HaithamHaitham Member Posts: 3

    Hi Linda,

    Thank you for your response and sharing the update with us. Much appreciated.

    It is good to continue to provide enhancements but it does not resolve the issue. May I ask what is the explanation behind not allowing ADMIN accounts to connect and limiting it to OWNERS only?

    An admin account has almost full control on the account manually. How come connecting to it is any different?

    In most cases, an admin account is given to an accountant or a bookkeeper or other professionals because the owner wants to delegate such tasks and focus on his/her business/investment. Therefore, such professionals will use tools/apps that would connect to the accounting platform and sync with it. If a business owner wants to give access to an accountant for example, he/she will never surrender the ownership of the account to that accountant. How would this solution resolve the matter?

    Not to compare but I have an ADMIN account on a business in QBO and I managed to connect to it seamlessly. I am an advocate of waveapps but I am facing resistance of adopting it from many professionals I interact with due to this and similar issues.

    It would great to understand the explanation behind such a restriction and also provide a practical solution to resolve the problem.

    Thanks in advance.



  • AngelaCAngelaC Member Posts: 12 admin

    Hi @Haitham,

    By giving admin accounts the ability to connect, a business owner would be delegating their data to someone else to share with a 3rd party. Our decision to limit connect access to owners was made out of an excess of caution - we wanted to ensure that owners are aware of when their data is potentially being shared with a 3rd party, and exactly what data is being shared.

    We have since rolled back this decision, and both owners and admins are now able to connect.

    Hope this helps! :smiley:

  • HaithamHaitham Member Posts: 3

    Hi Angela,

    Thank you for your follow up. That is fantastic news. It is great to see this feature working now. This will help in my integration services and will incentivize more professionals to switch.

    Much appreciated!


    Haitham Sumrain

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