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    I've worked the last 2 days on trying to upgrade my account. IT SHOULD NOT BE THIS HARD.

    The dead link that people (including me) notified you of since April was never fixed - but support sent that to me. But importing transactions WITH DESCRIPTIONS (ie journal.csv) ... DOES NOT WORK

    Wave Connect will not download information, from the old version, but it also WILL NOT UPLOAD it using the data export formats provided. The Jorunal Entry csv- every entry occupies 2 rows, with a space bewteen rows. Google sheets wants an entirely different format.

    The guide itself is a big muddle of how to migrate from ANYTHING along with how to migrate if you are in this situation - THERE SHOULD HAVE BEEN A GUIDE especially for those of us you could not upgrade.

    Here is the message I sent to support:

    A/ DO NOT DELETE MY DATA - CANNOT TRANSFER I am requesting an extension before you delete all my data in my UK foreign currency account. It has 20y of categorized data in it.

    a) First issue - Wave Connect will not import journal entries from csv. I Thought the transfer of transactions would be straightforward export/import, but transactions are downloaded in 3 formats on csv's
    1. detailed general ledger.csv
    2. transactions.csv
    3. journal entries.csv
    Of these 3, ONLY #3 journal entries maintains the transaction DESCRIPTIONS. But it is not in the right tabular format for Wave Connect to work with.

    Wave Connect will not deal with this file format. If I open the file and try to upload (ie skip "prepare data input sheet), it states

    • ERROR: Required column Wave Id not found.
    • ERROR: Required column Tax Activity not found.
    • ERROR: Required column Line Item Description (Optional) not found.

    The instructions sent DO NOT EXPLAIN the difference between these 3 files, or how to get the FULL data (ie the journal entries with transaction DESCRIPTIONS) into the new Wave Account.

    B/ PERSONAL ACCOUNT ON OLD-WAVE HAS NO TRIAL BALANCE REPORT in the Personal Account on the OLD wave, there is no TRIAL BALANCE report, which the documentation says is CRITICAL (see intro to Section 3 of instructions): It states:

    "The most important report that you'll need is your Trial Balance report as of the date that you'll be moving systems. "

    Yet the report does not exist.

    Please note that the instructions DO NOT SAY that journal transactions cannot be imported.

    section 3.3 of the instructions lists the export files:

    "This export contains the following: accounts, bill items, invoice items, customers, vendors, payments, transactions, journal entries, and your detailed general ledger.

    Then states:
    "Please Note: Bills and vendors cannot be imported back to Wave.

    NOTHING there about journal transactions not being importable into new Wave.

    Given the documentation is SO confusing, and does not get me to a point of populating my new account with migrated data, PLEASE DO NOT DELETE MY DATA

    OR please send me instructions that work for importing journal transactions (or any kind of transactions with transaction DESCRIPTION) into my new Wave Account

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    It's still COVID and a lot of people are STILL dealing with a lot of difficult situations. Deleting everyone's data is just HORRIBLE, especially when you could have used the last 6 months to create a video guide, or a special guide for your existing customers. OR fixing Wave Connect so it could simply upload the data export download files

    How can it be that you have NO data download that includes BOTH the Accounts, the amount AND the description, other than the wierd and utterly useless two-lines-plus-a-blank-row-for-one-transaction format.

    the other two downloads (detailed general ledger.csv and transactions.csv) are in normal row/column format but OMIT the description WHY???? HOW are we supposed to deal with that?

    I tell you... I'm still pretty aggrieved that you stopped emailing me just because I had not logged into Wave within a year (when I did not need to). So that it was all sprung on me at tax time, and since then there has been SO MUCH to deal with.

    If this can't be solved or if you delete my data I will be working my way around all the review sites to explain how poorly you treat your existing customers. It is beyond upsetting.

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    those who we cannot move over needed to have their accounts closed permanently
    because the transactions are far too close to migrate over

    The accounts are far too close? what does this mean? why would having "Close Accounts" mean that you can't just freeze people''d data without shutting them out when you have provided no workable migration path?

    If you have this transactions page you may have received a notification of
    your account being close in error
    . Our apologies about this!

    SERIOUSLY? Really poorly managed transition! Prove me wrong by not locking me out of 20y of data without a working migration path that doesn't take 2 days to get nowhere on.

    @Barsin said:
    Hey there folks

    @Tawhid_3S @webWyo @HKDESIGN @Tony_shoregate

    I just wanted to go over the history of Wave's transactions pages. Below are three different images of the transactions pages we've seen over the last couple of years.

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