How can I create an estimate without selecting a pre-saved customer account?

iamserdariamserdar Member Posts: 2

Most of the time, I need to send an estimate to some of my potential clients, but I don't want to save them as customers in my Customers List. I want to be able to fill out customer information on the Estimate page, on the spot. Is it possible? Or will it be possible? Thank you.


  • VirgilVirgil Member Posts: 21 ✭✭

    Yes, another "simple but essential" feature!

  • BarsinBarsin Administrator Posts: 1,811 admin

    Hey there @iamserdar

    Thanks for this feature idea! Currently as you may have know our Estimates page has not been updated in some time. As it stands we're currently working on a lot of invoice backend things at the moment, however we are hoping that the Estimates page will see some updates soon!

  • iamserdariamserdar Member Posts: 2

    Thank you, @Barsin! I'll be looking forward to that!

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