Waveapp WILL NOT send me any notifications/emails/invitations any more

AndreasAmelorAndreasAmelor Member Posts: 2

A client has sent me an "Admin" invitation today. However, the invitation did not come through in my email. I logged in Waveapps but unfortunately the invitation is not visible in the dashboard, it is ONLY available for acceptance in the email.
I tried to send myself a copy of a random invoice. Again, nothing arrived in my email. We have another account from the same domain. I sent to that user a random invoice and it goes through. I also sent to that same user an invitation to another client's account as admin. Invitation went as it should. What can I do? Help!


  • AlexLAlexL Administrator Posts: 1,941 admin

    Hey @AndreasAmelor , it looks like your email address received a hard bounce which was preventing our email system from sending you further mail. I've since reactivated your account and you should be good to receive all future emails.

    Please ask your client to resend the Admin invitation so that you can access their account!

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