Customer Advance Payments not showing in Customer Statement - Account Activity

MrgstMrgst Member Posts: 1

created a liability account under customer prepayment, and while recording the transaction i have added the customer to the category(above created account), in spite of this, the transaction is not showed in the Customer Statement - Account Activity, for the respective customer.


  • CalliePCallieP Administrator Posts: 439 admin

    Hi there @Mrgst , thanks for reaching out! In this case, Customer Statements specifically refer to invoices associated with a customer, rather than transactions associated with a customer, so if the transaction is not categorized to an invoice, it will not appear in statements. Hopefully that makes sense!

  • FaryozFaryoz Member Posts: 1

    Hi There , I have made a transaction splitting up the Clients payments to the invoices made, and also to the balance amount in the customer prepayments under the option from the tab ( Accounts - Transaction - in the Income Sector )
    Well since it doesn't show in the Client statements as you say then When the next bill is generated for the same client how would the deduction for the Advance payment takes place

  • JulianPJulianP Administrator Posts: 850 admin

    Hey @Faryoz !

    When you'd like to record a pre-payment/advance payment against one of your invoices in Wave, head to Sales > Invoices and select "Record a payment" next to your customer's invoice. For the Payment method, choose Other, and for the Payment account, choose your pre-payment/advance payment account. This method allows you to reduce the pre-payment account as you clear your receivables.

    If you didn't create the a pre-payment/advance payment account yet, or are looking for more insight into the process, check out our Help Center article here: How to handle invoice deposits or pre-payments

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