6 Mouse Clicks to See Who Paid an Invoice & No Category Displayed?

christopherdaweschristopherdawes Member Posts: 9

When someone pays an invoice using Wave payments, could the resulting accounting entry PLEASE display the credit card info in the Notes section and display which category this is hitting? It is taking me so many mouse clicks to get to that information, which is squirreled away 6 layers deep in your interface, that there's honestly no value in using Wave payments. I may as well continue using PayPal and manually rekeying each transaction in Wave. It's actually less work, plus I have the flexibility of modifying the accounting entry, which I'm completely blocked from doing in Wave Payments.

Wave keeps trying to roll out great sounding new functionality, but it always seems half thought through and ends up being more trouble than its worth. This is a perfect example of that. Why would you not display the category? Why would you not display the payee? That's fundamental critical information.

Thank you, I think.


  • JordanDJordanD Administrator, Moderator Posts: 515 admin

    @christopherdawes Because of the varying levels of collaborator access that Wave offers, the decision to exclude customer credit card information was specifically made. Many Wavers choose to have a member of their team, an outsourced member, or a different department handle the accounting information in Wave. This means that having that information readily available in every part of the app, allows for your customer's information to be accessed by anyone who is accessing your account. The "Payments" part of the Wave app is a special area that only admins have access to which is why we are comfortable with some of the information being present there.

    Are you able to explain some explanation around why you're looking for this type of information to be included on the transaction notes? Understanding the use case would give us some contextual information, should we choose to revisit this added layer of security in future. :)

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