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TCHealthTCHealth Member Posts: 1
Hi, I'm having trouble downloading the receipts for android app. I'm using a galaxy S8, but having no luck. Any advice?


  • AlexLAlexL Administrator Posts: 2,637 admin

    Hey @TCHealth , what exactly is the issue you're having when downloading? Are you receiving an error by chance? Let us know!

  • GeorgiaJuneGeorgiaJune Member Posts: 1

    Hi I'm also having trouble downloading the app on Android. I used to have the receipts app (last year), but I changed phone and was trying to re-download. I cannot find it on Google Play store and I tried using the QR code here: and it does not actually download anything onto my phone. Help!

  • JulianPJulianP Administrator Posts: 668 admin

    Hello @GeorgiaJune !

    I'm sorry to hear that you are having issued downloading our receipts app. As you may know, our app is not listed on the Google Play store and can be downloaded via QR code instead. Since this is a direct download from a third party (Wave) you'll need to ensure that your phone is allowing installs from sources other than the Google Play Store. I like this article from Digital Trends which goes over the basics of how to do this:

    I hope this helps!

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