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  • SGKSGK Member Posts: 1

    Can an admin team member please indicate when credit notes will be implemented?
    Every business that has GST/VAT obligations needs this feature. I've tried to send multiple credit notes last month and it has messed up everything by doing negative invoices etc. PLEASE HELP!
    I really would like to stick with wave especially now that I have everything linked, but no credit notes is a major problem...

  • TheSoundGuyTheSoundGuy Member Posts: 1

    +1 for the CN situation. I have a raised PO from a customer that I can only have taken off their system by providing a correctly formatted Credit Note. They will not accept a negative invoice. Without this, it will sit as unpaid on my account with them which is going to cause no end of issues.

  • cndhomecndhome Member Posts: 1

    +1 for Credit Notes. Agree with all previous posts from users. This should be solved ASAP. Without a CN facility no bookkeeper, accountant or business owner can do their job properly. Simple.

  • Ryan_WRyan_W Administrator Posts: 361 admin

    Hey all, we don't currently have a timetable for implementing credit notes, although with all of the insight in this thread, I'm happy to have our Product team dig into this. Thanks again for sharing your feedback about this!

  • TheAutoSparkyTheAutoSparky Member Posts: 4

    The way I deal with Credit Notes is to rename my invoice as such. The invoices can be individually renamed as something other than an invoice. The Credit Note will still have a unique identifier in your invoice numbering.

  • kimmarie2016kimmarie2016 Member Posts: 1

    I simply would like to apply the amount of a credit to an open invoice and show each as paid without creating a refund. I do perishable merchandise and credits are a daily thing for me. Presently the credit remains an unpaid invoice. I can apply the amount to an open invoice as a payment, and have setup an internal account to accommodate the transaction, but the credit remains unpaid. If i show the credit invoice as paid, it creates a refund to the customer that really messes things up!
    Otherwise the app is fantastic, everything so far has been really easy and pleasant to use. However, I have to figure this out or its QB for me..

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