Wave Connect: Automate the Extraction on a daily basis

Daniel_Nanton_PDMTDaniel_Nanton_PDMT Member Posts: 7

First of all, let me thank Wave for the connect option, it is an excellent Add-on feature to have integrated with google sheets, I have a question, can I program the add-on to run automatically and export the invoices data, maybe through a call from a script? This is in order to populate the financial reports that I have created which help with daily follow up of the operation.


  • RobVGRobVG Member Posts: 53 admin

    Hi @Daniel_Nanton_PDMT,

    Unfortunately this is not currently possible. Wave Connect is an add-on for Google Sheets, but we have not made the code that powers it available. As a result, there is no script or function exposed that can be called on some frequency.

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