Importing from incorrect in unlinked account

lukereadelukereade Member Posts: 1

Hi Guys

I haven't been on wave for a while, so am catching up on transactions and reconciliation.

Wave is listing transactions from my unlinked private bank account as being transactions from my linked business bank account (both accounts are with the same bank)? I obviously don't want colleagues to be able to see my private transactions.

Are other experiencing this?


  • CalliePCallieP Administrator Posts: 360 admin

    Hi there @lukereade , thanks for your post! Agh, I'm so sorry that's happening for you; that definitely is not ideal. If you head to Banking > Connected Accounts, are both accounts toggled to ON for importing transactions? If so, then the personal account will be importing those transactions. What you'd need to do in that case is toggle the personal connection to OFF and then delete the personal transactions.

    If, however, only your business account appears there, but it's pulling personal transactions seemingly from nowhere (and the personal account doesn't show up there at all), I would recommend submitting a ticket to our Support team, where a dedicated agent will be able to investigate this unique case more deeply with you.

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