Wave Wishlist (Feature Requests) and Issues (Bugs)

maricalamarimaricalamari Member Posts: 1

FYI, here is our current wishlist and one things that appears to be a bug.

1) Be able to tag any transaction you like with any tag that has been made (using an interface similar to Customers or Vendors). This would allow us to group project initiatives, track expense reimbursements to employees, etc.
2) Be able to upload an invoice or bill under the Create Bills feature.
3) When Creating Bills, a transaction does not appear under Transactions representing the bill (i.e. with an expense and a liability). However, the transaction is represented in the General Ledger (with the relevant accounts appropriately updated). Causing an entry in the General Ledger but not in Transactions appears to be a bug, and we would like to see it in Transactions.
4) Be able to tag customers or vendors on transactions between assets and liabilities. This would let us upload an invoice as a receipt and merge transactions to link the two. It also gives us additional flexibility if we need it.
5) As so many have said before, it would be really nice to just upload a receipt to an existing transaction.
6) We haven't yet tried the feature of sending receipts to [email protected], so we don't know how well it works. Based on reading about it though, it seems difficult to do this if an employee is trying to send a receipt. It would be nice if there was a way to tell Wave which account it should go to (maybe with an account number) instead of trying to determine that from the email address the receipt is sent from. It would also be nice if the receipt could be sent to the appropriate business (if there are multiple businesses). For example, by sending an email to receipts+(our account number)+(business name/tag)@waveapps.com.

Of the above, all feel important, but 3 seems to be essential to us.


  • ohio_bryceohio_bryce Member Posts: 11

    Another vote for the ability to create a bill with an upload

  • BoundarylessJedBoundarylessJed Member Posts: 16 ✭✭

    2) Be able to upload an invoice or bill under the Create Bills feature....this could be done very similarly to how receipts can be uploaded

  • APPAPP Member Posts: 26 ✭✭
    Not have Wave (H&R) sunset the receipts app and OCR.
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