Removal of Sales Taxes

Brian_ColosieBrian_Colosie Member Posts: 1

I have done the bookkeeping of all my business transactions including creating a sales for each of my sales taxes in my province. I have done two years worth of transactions seperating out all the taxes. Now i figure out that i no longer need to be seperating out one of them. If i delete a sales tax from the list will it remove that tax from each transaction?


  • CalliePCallieP Administrator Posts: 360 admin

    Hi there @Brian_Colosie , welcome to the Community! That’s a great question. If you head to Settings > Sales Taxes to delete the sales tax overall, this will not remove it from the transactions; instead, it will prevent it from being used in future. The transactions would still need to be manually edited to remove the tax. The good news is, you can do this in bulk!

    • Head to Accounting > Transactions > click the check box next to all the transactions you want to remove the sales tax from > click Edit at the top of the transaction table.
    • Under Change, choose Tax
    • Under To, choose Remove sales taxes or choose another tax
    • Click Apply!
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