ERROR: Missing data in required column 'Product Name'. This record will be skipped.

PKjkPKjk Member Posts: 2

Please, how do I resolve this using 'Wave Connect Add - On'. I find no field within Wave Products & Services that is name 'Product Name' only 'Item'.
Step 2: Validate Data
WARNING: 1 row contains one or more ERRORS and will not load. See Column G for details.
Validate Again or Continue


  • PaulCPaulC Member Posts: 186 ✭✭✭

    Hello @PKjk,

    Can you tell me please how you created the upload sheet?

    If you used Wave Connect to create the upload sheet (Step 1 for all uploads), it will have inserted a validation with available Products to select from.

    It sounds like you are maybe trying to import from data that you have formatted manually. If so, it would be best to let Wave Connect format your upload sheet, and paste your data into it to ensure you have the correct headings and validations.

    Does that help?

  • RFHRFH Member Posts: 1

    Hi, I am having the same issue PKjk. I am creating a new Google Sheet and I do not think I importing data that I have formatted manually (I am copying and pasting the description of the services I am billing for from a separate spreadsheet--but that spreadsheet does not have any special formatting). First, I "prepared an input sheet" without any "special fields" and then created a sheet with "optional/special fields" select. Then I am adding my data and both times I am getting the following error message: ERROR: 1 Products have errors. Invoice will not be loaded.
    ITEM ERROR: Ambiguous Item Name. Make Item (Product) Name unique in Wave.

  • PKjkPKjk Member Posts: 2

    Hi PaulC
    I've just run it again through Google browser and it works great now, thank you.
    Running through a Safari browser stops before all the fields are displayed, I will reinstall the add-on in sheets and try again.

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