Images from screenshots not showing.

FelixBHFelixBH Member Posts: 2
Hi there! I’m having an issue since getting the Waves Receipts app last week where when I upload screenshots, the info is extracted but the image is stuck permanently loading. This is majorly inconvenient when I have many receipts from the same seller for different items.

-I’m on iOS
-I have the latest app version
-I have enabled all permissions
-I have tried logging and and back out
-I also am experiencing the bug where it says I am offline much of the time. However, the lack of images happens at all times.


  • BarsinBarsin Administrator Posts: 2,041 admin

    Hey there @FelixBH

    My apologies you're experiencing an issue with our mobile receipts function. Currently I'm seeing many completed receipts and some that don't look completed.

    Would you mind logging into on a computer > Heading to purchases > Receipts > And take a screenshot of what this page looks like?

    Typically we recommend trying to log out of the application, delete it, then try re-downloading. Often this can trigger and clearing of the cache and cookies for your mobile device.

  • FelixBHFelixBH Member Posts: 2

    Hi @BarsinA
    All the image previews on that page seem to not load or are unavailable, but when I click on see original receipt image, it loads on a new screen. My main issue is with the mobile app. I'll try redownloading it.

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