wave setup - some questions, need help

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new to wave and setting up new business account. Have following questions, would appreciate any help:

  1. How I can export detailed expense transactions along with Categories?
  2. Which report I should use to see expenses (category and all transactions within the category)?
  3. How funds transfer between same business account are handled? (as these are not expenses or income, just transfer of funds for same business)
  4. How credit card payment (from business Chq account) should be entered? currently it shows both entries - payment coming out business account, amount getting deposited into credit card account



  • MikegMikeg Member Posts: 772 ✭✭✭

    1. Go to reports and scroll down to General Ledger. Export to pdf or excel
    2. Same as above (for all) or for a specific account go to Reports and Account Balances
    3. If both credit card and checking account are importing you will need to transfer (match) the disbursement from the checking account to credit card. To do this in Accounting/Transactions go to the disbursement from the checking account. Now click on the drop down (Choose category) and select transfer to Bank or Credit Card. It should find the matching payment in the credit card account. Select and Wave will transfer between the two.
    4. See above

    Hope that helps!

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