Email links with invoice number and total as arguments?

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I'm evaluating Wave now as a replacement for Quickbooks. We have our own payment system through our site, and want to generate a link in the invoice (automatically) that inserts the invoice number, total due and potentially the customer name as arguments in the URL. Is this possible? I'm not seeing a way to do this. Are there tokens we can insert into the outgoing emails?


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    Hey @Friolator! Great question here. This is not something that is currently possible within Wave, but I'd love to know more about how this would ideally look for you within Wave! Also, as far as the tokens you've mentioned are concerned, how would those operate? Looking forward to any further context you could offer here.

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    Sure. So to preface this, we're probably going to go with Xero, since it does all this right now.

    Basically tokens would just be user-insertable variables taken from whatever context is available to the form at hand. How you implement it is up to you, but for an invoice email, something like:

    Dear [customer_name],
    Attached please find your invoice (#[invoice_number]), in the amount of $[invoice_total]. To pay your invoice, please visit our payment page at:[invoice_number]&cust_no=[customer_number]

    ...or something like that. Kind of like what does, where you can pass some rudimentary information in the query string to simplify things for the customer.

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