Recording Payments via Zapier

KingNAMSKingNAMS Member Posts: 3

My PSA software has a zapier integration and I've successfully set it up to create an invoice in Wave anytime I create an invoice in my PSA. However, when someone pays my invoice in the PSA, I don't see anyway to record a payment in Wave. Am I missing something or is there no record payment trigger currently? Is this something that could be programmed via the API if not through zapier?


  • MilanMilan Member Posts: 11

    Hi @KingNAMS not sure if this helps. I have managed to do something like that in Zapier using email notification and the triggering transaction creation using data in the email. In my case I was receiving money from 3rd party (Justworks) - I wanted to mark invoice paid before the money lands on my bank account (+5 days) and to avoid sending reminders to clients when in fact they have paid.

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