Paylod URL for webhook in magento2

rajkumarrajkumar Member Posts: 2

Hello Support,

Currently we are using above Payload Url to create a customer by webhook in magento2

Can you please let me know where we find payload URL information to create customer, invoice and update invoice.



  • RobVGRobVG Member Posts: 53 admin

    Hi @rajkumar,

    Unfortunately I am not able to help you with this request as it recommends using Wave's internal APIs that powers part of our website. This is functionality that is being deprecated internally and may break at any time without notice.

    We do have an Open API ( that does provide a lot of functionality for public use cases. There are some reference docs and examples that speaks to some of the available functionality, like creating customers and invoices.


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  • rajkumarrajkumar Member Posts: 2

    Hello ROB,

    2 Triggers required,

    • New customer in Magento to be created as new customer in wave
    • Invoice created in Magento to be raised as invoice under customer

    Can you guide me how to achieve this, i have low knowledge of coding.??


  • RobVGRobVG Member Posts: 53 admin

    Hi @rajkumar,

    I am not familiar with the Magento so will be unable to help you complete this work, sorry. We do have an example of creating a new customer and creating a new invoice in Wave via the APIs. You will need some system, possibly Magento or your own to call these APIs.

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